How to build your business through your website.

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Your website is the 24/7 open door to your business. How well does your website serve its visitors? What does your website say about your business? Your website can tell your visitors a lot about your values, your commitment to customer assistance, your attention to detail, and your expertise. Give your visitors the best experience of your business that you […]

Who is your ideal customer?

The best marketing doesn't feel like marketing

Get clear on who your ideal customer is and market specifically to them. Your ideal customer is not anybody and everybody. Marketing that is aimed at everyone really speaks to no-one. The better you know your customer the more you are able to serve them. Understand who your customer is and make your message relevant. Make your marketing […]

The real costs of FREE website hosting platforms

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Get your FREE headaches with every FREE website hosting It might look like a good option when you are just starting out in your business, but believe me the costs far outweigh the benefits. The big problem is that quite often new businesses don’t understand the essentials that make up a business website. Take a […]

How to choose a website designer

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What to ask a website designer before you give them the job. Would you know what to ask a website designer to find out if they are good or dodgy? Choosing a website designer can be confusing if you don’t understand much about websites. Let’s make sure you know enough to make a sound investment […]

Stage Presence – what does your stage presence say about you?


  I’ve attended quite a few workshops, conferences and seminars over the years and I’ve seen both ends of the spectrum when it comes to stage presence at public speaking events. I’ve learnt a lot about ego, speaking from the heart, providing quality and selling from the stage. So I’ll share a couple of experiences […]

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