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Your success is relative to how much you invest into your knowledge, skill development and efficiency of operations.


So, what are you willing to invest for your business success?

Your investment could include time, money, or even personal experience.

It generally goes something like this:

When you are short on money you source out the options with the lowest financial investment in return for a larger investment of your time.

When you are time poor you invest your money for the most time efficient method and maximum support to get you the results quickly.

I’m happy to advise you that we cater for all types of poor.


Got money but got no time to waste.

Our individual training and mentoring sessions will target exactly what you need to know right when you need to know it. It’s a higher financial investment because we are responding personally and promptly to your specific situation and needs with the essentials to get you your desired result. Contact us to discuss your individual training and support needs.

Our training workshops deliver information on specific topics and provide opportunities for participants to ask the trainer specific questions. Contact us to discuss your training needs and organise your training workshop.


Not much time and not much money.

This is a great opportunity for you to learn a very valuable lesson. It’s all the little things you do habitually that have the biggest impact on the results you achieve. Set aside an hour a day to learn something new or develop a skill and before you know it you’re doing things that you never imagined were possible when you first started out. Make sure you take advantage of our FREE Brilliant Biz Basics downloads and join our social media pages so you don’t miss out on The Wonderful World of Blog posts. If you are looking for a comprehensive understanding presented in easy step-by-step instructions then The Complete MemberShiz Experience is something that would suit you when your budget allows. Small investments made consistently will add up to produce surprising results over time. This is also the least stressful way of getting things done.



Got a dilemma, got no money and got no time.

You definitely need help. Please see our Pay It Forward Scheme.  Your investment in this case is your experience as an example for others. We won’t disclose any personally identifying information unless you give us permission, we only share the experience with respect to the situation you are experiencing, the processes we implement and the improvements you experience as a result of working with us. Find out more about the Pay It Forward Scheme and apply now.


Make your success a high priority.

Take a look at the following investment cycles and compare the expectations, commitment and success rates between low and high investments. Keep in mind that when we say “investment” we are referring to the dedication of any valuable resource.


low investment cycle


high investment cycle



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