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The Shiz with Social Media Marketing

Social Media – love it or hate it, there’s no denying that it’s an important marketing platform that should not be ignored or done poorly.


What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is the process posting content and offers on social media sites that are designed to connect with interested people, demonstrate your expertise and service values, drive traffic back to your website and into your sales funnel.


What are the benefits of Social Media Marketing?

The benefits of social media marketing are plentiful and the time required to do it well is certainly worth the  effort.  The key is to “do it well” by implementing a targeted social media strategy that realises where your target market hangs out online and the benefits of the social media platforms that they utilise. These benefits include:

  • free marketing space that can provide valuable backlinks to your website
  • drives traffic to your website and increases your search ranking
  • provides another avenue for customers to make contact and experience your business
  • it is social and as such highlights the character of your business and your expertise
  • it develops customer relations by providing a platform to share a variety of information and tools that are relevant to your business and your customer’s interests and needs.
  • provides opportunities for your business to present incentives to purchase your products and services
  • can provide insight into your customers that can be beneficial in your marketing decisions
  • people aid your marketing efforts when they like and share your posts, not only by exposing you to their newsfeed but also by improving your social influence and search engine rank
  • people who didn’t know you existed may discover you through others
  • you can find new potential customers by searching for keyterms within the platform
  • provides social proof of your business legitimacy


How can The Shiz For Your Biz improve your Social Media Marketing to develop your online presence and drive more customers to your business?


Social Media Strategy sessions. We assist you in developing a targeted approach to your social media marketing. The result is a sound understanding of the benefits of each social media platform that you utilise and an overview of the strategies that you will implement to optimise your follower engagement and business exposure.


Sign up and profile development of your business pages. It’s amazing how many business pages waste this free advertising space by not completing their profile with useful information and additional ways to connect with their business. We develop a complete profile that speaks to your intended audience and maximises opportunities for them to take action and follow your page, visit your website, check out your other social media pages, or contact your business. From there it’s up to you to get the conversation happening with relevant and interesting content that elicits a response. We’ll explore plenty of ideas and ways during your Social Media Strategy Session.


Set up management tools to minimise time expenditure and maximise impact. Social media can be like the friend that drops in for a quick cuppa and stays all day. That might be okay on the weekend but during business hours you have to remember the old saying “time is money”. Just think, would you pay for someone to lol around on social media all day? That should be a big NOPE, or at least a “not bloody likely!”  Set a specific amount of time that you are willing to invest into your social media marketing and utilise management tools to schedule your posts to appear across your various social pages at the most effective times.


We can teach you how to get the most from your pages in our Social media training sessions. We’re here to make your social media experience effective and frustration free.


Where to from here – your next steps.

Send us an email with your details and best time to call you to and we’ll contact you and get things started.


Phone Kitty or Reg and if we’re available we’ll get straight into it.  If we’re not able to take your call just leave us a message with your details and we’ll call you back.


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