The Pay It Forward Scheme

You have the power to change more than just your life

We understand that feeling of being stuck and short of a buck. Man, that sucks! And if you’re in this position we think you need our help more than ever. So here’s the dealio.  We help you, and you pay it forward by allowing us to record your sessions and use parts of them as examples to help others on our website and social media pages. We keep your identity anonymous, we just want people to understand that they are not alone with their biz problems and that it is possible to move past these barriers. Let’s show them for real. Your examples and feedback will help others decide on whether we’re the right business to help them. Your examples might be all that they need to make the necessary changes.


The Terms and Conditions of the Pay It Forward Scheme

If you are accepted to receive coaching or mentoring under the Pay It Forward Scheme your sessions will be recorded for promotional materials by The Shiz For Your Biz and you will be required to provide a written or video testimonial. If you fail to comply with these conditions you will be invoiced for the coaching/mentoring sessions provided to you under this Pay It Forward Scheme. By completing the form below you agree to these terms and conditions of the Pay It Forward Scheme.





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