The Business of Marketing and Sales

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The Shiz For Your Biz - the superpower of invisibility is a liability in business

Every business is in the business of marketing and sales.

Marketing is essential to the survival and growth of your business. You can be the best at what you do and have genius products but it won’t make a difference if no one ever finds out about it. And you won’t be in business for long if you’re not making enough sales to cover your expenses.

We are all by default competing in a global market where an effective website and engaging social media pages are the bare minimum.  It’s a noisy world. If you want to be heard you have to be clear about the value your products and services provide, who would want them, and how you can connect with these people. You have to reach out to your potential customers in a meaningful way that helps them and makes your business stand out from your competitors for all the right reasons. So where are you in the marketplace?

Do you want to take control of your marketing?

Do you want to invest your time and energy into learning what it takes to bring customers into your business and put money in your bank? If it is something you think you’d like to work on then set some time aside and work on it. There is no shortage of freely accessible information about marketing strategies, some of it will be high quality, some will be uttter shite and a waste of your time.

Would you prefer for someone else to develop and manage your marketing?

Would you rather spend your time and energy focusing on what you got into business to do?  For the tasks that you struggle with and have no desire to learn just hand them over to us, we love that sort of thing. We’ll get it done in a fraction of the time that you’d spend struggling with it, and we’ll do an expert job because we enjoy doing it. Take a look at our services to see how we can help you with a range of website solutions, social media marketing, and training.

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