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Kitty Leayr - Biz Brain Coaching SessionsWhat is Business Coaching?

Business coaching focuses on developing the individual’s skills and knowledge to improve their performance and attainment of their business objectives or goals. The focus is specifically on improving the business performance and achievements, however, it may be business but it’s run by people, and people make it personal.  We are complex beings, each of us with our own accumulation of experiences and resulting beliefs.

The coaching process involves increasing the individual’s awareness of their thinking patterns and how these influence their patterns of behaviour and their results for a current specific issue or event. With this awareness, the individual can then decide to explore more productive ways of approaching and working through the situation and can develop a new strategy for improved results.

The role of the business coach is to ask pertinent questions that assist the individual to identify the key situation to be improved/resolved and to facilitate the achievement of  a specific outcome.


How can Biz Brain Coaching improve your business?

Being in business can be a lonely experience where you may find yourself feeling misunderstood or even suffering from “fraud complex”. One of the most difficult aspects of managing your business is finding others who can relate and are willing to share their experiences honestly with you.

Who do you confide in when you need to talk about areas of concern and ideas for improving your business practices? Unfortunately many businesses struggle in silence for fear that talking with others may reflect poorly on their business skills, knowledge and business’s success. Often it carries with it a heavy feeling of not being good enough or failing in some way.

Biz Brain Coaching provides a supportive environment where you can explore and express your thoughts and emotions, without judgement. Coaching is a positive experience that uncovers new opportunities and strategies for your growth and success.

Your Biz Brain Coach will assist you to:

  • gain self-awareness and insight
  • identify behaviours and skills that you would like to improve
  • clarify your goals and set specific business objectives for measurable success
  • expand your thinking to identify options and strategies for forward progress and attainment of results
  • develop strategic plans and implementation processes
  • identify and remove barriers that have previously prevented you from implementing your plans and achieving desired results
  • bridge the gap between current performance and desired performance
  • focus on the important aspects of your business that will contribute the most to your success
  • encourage you to step up, back yourself and own your results


Where to go from here – your next steps.

  1. Book your Biz Brain Coaching session. It’s easy to get started with our online appointment scheduler.
  2. Get clear about what you want to focus on and what outcome you want as a result of your coaching session. The following activities will help you identify what you want coaching on and will highlight the barriers that are hindering your current performance and progress.
    • Get clear on why you are in business and specifically what you want to achieve. Start with the big picture then hone in to what you need to achieve at this stage of your business development. What result are you wanting to achieve now?
    • Make an honest assessment of your business performance and achievement of results. Consider what you have just read and make an honest assessment of where your business is in terms of its potential success. The following questions could apply to the business as a whole or to specific departments.
        • Are you achieving your desired results?
        • Is the business developing at a satisfactory rate?
        • Has the business plateaued?
        • Is the business stagnating?
        • Is the business going backwards?
    • Identify your business strengths with respect to the situation you want to improve. What specifically is working well and building your business? Consider how you can build on these strengths and develop further as a result. 
    • Identify barriers that are hindering or blocking your progress. If you are not achieving your desired results, then brain dump and write a list of the barriers that you believe are preventing you. When you are done dumping, order the list from most significant impact to least impact.
    • Consider options to assist in improving the performance of the business and attainment of desired results. From your list of barriers, consider what you can do to bridge the gap between your current results and your desired results. Do a quick brain dump of ideas and then let your subconscious mind calmly work on it until your session. As new ideas come forward add them to your list.
    • Turn up to your session 100% committed to your success. Don’t hold back.
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